Bright Red
Robert Morat Galley, Berlin
20.May - 30.July 2022

“Bright Red” brings together new works by Portuguese artist José Pedro Cortes. The title alludes to a visual deficiency very common in human males, a mild color blindness that shifts the color red (or what is known as red) to green, changing the reading of the color spectrum. This implies that, as a compensation mechanism, many color-blind men “read” the color red in context and not as stand-alone information. Using this example as a metaphor, Cortes underlines that it is through contextual reading that we know what a certain color is, and, in a broader sense, how to interpret the world around us.

His photographs – being landscapes, portraits or still lives – function as a map of visual possibilities. Like Cortes says: “The time of my images reflects our time of constant doubt: impulse or fabrication, vulnerability or strength, surface or something more.”

Robert Morat Gallery
Linienstraße 107
10115 Berlin, Germany