Planta Espelho / Mirror Plant
Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisboa, Portugal
26.01 - 01.03.2018

Planta Espelho brings together 25 recent photographs of such different territories as Dubai, Tokyo, Algarve or the artist’s studio in Lisbon – an essay on an unstable and beautiful world in constant mutation that enunciates the need to always keep learning how to take a fresh look at the known.

Planta Espelho creates a suspended reality resulting from the confrontation between images that originate in the studio and travel observations. Cortes looks at architecture, vegetation and the human body to reflect on the relationship between a world of hybrid energies: a man-made, fabricated force brimming with artefacts; and another, natural force free from the subject’s control impulse. Alluding to the notions of limits and boundaries, José Pedro Cortes’ photographs depict the confrontation between natural and built landscape, or the relationship between the study of the body in the studio and the evidence of the physical effort felt in the legs of sportswomen. In this dialogue of tension and dichotomy, Cortes reinforces one of the central questions in his work: in a world in constant transitoriness, how to create a discourse on the matter and form of our time? 

‘The time of my images is like our time, a time of constant doubt: fabrication or impulse; vulnerability or strength; surface or perhaps something more’, wrote José Pedro Cortes for his exhibition.

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